Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Which Ways – Featuring Steps or Stairs

This week’s Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge features steps or stairs.

Today also, coincidentally, as I was searching for my pictures of steps, I saw that Bing.com image also features stairs:


Right on topic! Cool.

But now, back to my own pictures, here are some pictures of stairs that for some reason or another I decided to take in the past and collected here…


Amazon thinks I’m a guy!

I’m a girl. Ever since I was born, I’m a girl.

And I have never tried to change that, so I’m totally a girl.

Sometimes I do say I’m a guy-ish girl, because I like the company of guys, I have more fund around guys than around girls (or least that used to be true before kids… ;)), I don’t like pink, and  I don’t really enjoy window shopping. But that has always been a joke, because in truth I’m pretty much a girl.

But today, when I open Amazon.com, I noticed that all of the suggested products it was showing me was targeted to a male audience:


And it’s not even father’s day month to assume it was trying to give me gifts ideas…


Now I just wonder what did I buy to make it think like that…

Need to check my order history…


Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Which ways series: Roads

This week, Cee starts a new fun foto challenge series: which ways. For the first week, he way to go is the road.

So let’s get going and hit the road!

Thursday Lingering Look at Windows: UW

A few weeks ago I went with my family to UW to enjoy the view of the cherry blossoms they have in campus.

But the beauty of the campus is not only about the flora. The buildings are also pretty and I noticed each of them had similar, but still different architecture, meaning their windows had the same style but were different in details.

Here’s a few of them.

I was awarded honorable mention by the Let’s be Wild!

Let’s be Wild is “a community-driven travel & adventure site featuring stories and photos from people just like you. Even if you haven’t crossed the Sahara Desert on foot, we bet that you’ve got an outdoor tale others would enjoy!”

Every week they create a themed photo challenge to “encourages bloggers to head into the wild (or the backyard) and photograph something that they feel fits the weekly theme. Once you’ve posted your blog entry, comment on the Challenge theme that you’re entering with the link to your post! Each week we choose one first place winner, one audience choice winner, and five honorable mention winners. ”

Last week, the theme was Overlooked, because “The great outdoors is filled with things that are often overlooked by most people. People these days spend so much time hurrying through life, tied to their cell phones, that they often forget to look around and see the overlooked things in nature that make our world so special.”

I’ve been participating on the challenge for the past few weeks, and yesterday, when I visited their site to check the week’s winner, I was surprised to see that my entry was selected as one of the winner for honorable mentions.

Soooo freaking coool!!!!

Here’s the winner picture

Moss Forest

and the entry post.

Thanks Let’s be Wild!

It’s really fun to participate on your challenges. I’ll sure keep doing it!

Wild Weekly Photo Challenge: Clouds!

I’m participating in the online adventure travel and outdoor photography magazine Wild Weekly Photo Challenge for bloggers.

This week’s Challenge is: Clouds!, which is a subject I’ve been taking pictures of for quite some time.


So here i’ll add 2 examples of the most recent ones that I liked.

They were both taken with my HTC 8X Windows phone, from the car, while waiting at the traffic lights, at around sunset time. I did some cropping just to take the road out of the picture (the phone stays in a littl holder at the dashboard, so there is always some dashboard and road on those pictures…)

I hope you will like it.

Some golden and a lots of gray. I like the gray clouds formation on this one.

Some golden and a lots of gray. I like the gray clouds formation on this one.


Colorful clouds

Colorful clouds

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Textures

This week’s Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge is the last one on the shapes and textures series: Textures.

So I tried to find some nice textures in the world around me.










And just to finish the series with a nice combo, those are Textured, Curved and straight Lines, crossing each other at an Angle:

All in One: Angles, Curves, Lines and Texture

All in One: Angles, Curves, Lines and Texture